Wednesday, June 30, 2010

TEC Welcome Message from President, Priscilla Kemp

TEC President, Priscilla Kemp gives a welcome message to the TEC organization and discusses the core concepts of TEC: Chief Executives working together to achieve success.

Priscilla began her career with TEC over 35 years ago, when she got the chance to meet the founder of TEC, Bob Nourse. Priscilla takes pride in the TEC organization and working together with the CEO, Harry Dennis.

The concept of TEC is to put a group of non-competing chief executives together in a facilitated meeting environment where they can share "best-in-class" business ideas with one another and then hold each other accountable for results.

TEC Welcome Message from President, Priscilla Kemp from TEC Midwest on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Added Value with TEC Chair, Phil Hauck

One of the key elements of the TEC relationship is the one-on-one meeting. Phil Hauck describes what he adds to these meetings and how building a team around similar goals can only lead to monumental growth.

Added Value from TEC Midwest on Vimeo.

Philip also maintains a TEC blog with executive topics HERE.