Friday, March 2, 2012

TEC EVENT - Discovering the Leader’s Code Part 1: Ancient Secrets for Executive Performance

TEC Breakfast & Speaker Event
Thursday, March 22, 2012
8:00 until 12:00 noon
Wisconsin Club, Milwaukee Room
900 W Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI

“Discovering The Leader’s Code Part 1:  Ancient Secrets For Executive Performance”


Interested in attending? Contact Michele B. at, or (262) 821-3340 for details.

Based on his book, The Code of the Executive, Don Schmincke focuses this unique session on an issue personally dear to the CEO's heart - how to lead extraordinary performance in their organization. When the organization functions effectively, the CEO has more fun, strategy executes, and the bottom-line improves. Yet most CEOs are frustrated with the level of results produced by their organization, or the politics, hidden agendas, and other dysfunctional behaviors sapping organizational vitality. 

This highly participative session addresses these issues with a special journey into ancient history to rediscover lost wisdom that has propelled organizations to success for thousands of years. Members leave with take-home, valued actions and a set of tools for the future. 

A dynamic keynote speaker and provocative author, Don Schmincke, began his career as a scientist and engineer. After graduating from MIT and Johns Hopkins University he became fascinated with how people organize and perform in groups, and even more intrigued by the high failure rate of management consulting and leadership theories. With more than two decades of research using anthropology and evolutionary genetics, he discovered that most management theories fail during implementation due to biological factors. 

Schmincke is the author of the bestselling book, The Code Of The Executive, and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today, and in over 60 industry publications annually. He has appeared on CNN in addition to hundreds of radio and television programs worldwide. In 1990, he founded The SAGA Leadership Institute ( to offer corporate training programs and help CEOs accelerate business performance in the areas of strategy, leadership, sales, and cultural alignment.

Today, Schmincke’s revolutionary work has established him as a consultant renegade and a top speaker for the world’s largest CEO member organization. He flies 200,000 miles annually keynote speaking at conferences, training CEOs in his workshops, and working with clients in every industry from the Department of Defense strategy (once being shot off an aircraft carrier – he’s still recovering) to large and small corporations including the healthcare, manufacturing/distribution, information/ communications, and finance/insurance sectors.

His new book, High Altitude Leadership, with Emmy-nominated Chris Warner (his historic K2 summit seen in the NBC Wide World of Sports special) reveals leadership insights from Death-Zone environments. It was released by Josses-Bass in November 2008.


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