Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Celebrating your greatest assets this Labor Day, Your team

As members and leaders of TEC, we understand the value our people and relationships, whether it’s between a TEC member and a Chair or a CEO and his/her employees, play in our personal and business success. Through our mentoring program and one-on-one sessions, we give leaders the tools they need to inspire others because with passionate employees, organizations thrive. 

As Labor Day approaches, it is important to celebrate your largest asset – your employees. While sometimes thought of as the last hurrah of the summer, there are ways to make this Labor Day mean more for you and your team.

Reflect. When the kids return to school this year many will be asked to write the tradition “What I did this summer” paper.  Why not make this a writing assignment for your company newsletter?  Vacation stories and family photos are great reminders of what we all work so hard for all year long.

Reward. As you reflect back on your summer, Labor Day is a great time to assess the year-to-date in general. Words of encouragement to your team members this month can set the tone for your whole fourth quarter. Who has made great strides so far this year? Be sure to let them know.  Anything from a small gift to a bonus day is a nice gesture to those who may have had to put extra hours in during the summer months to cover employees out on vacation.

September can be the perfect time to set year-end goals and finish the year strong. Creating a fourth-quarter challenge, small or large, is great way to build momentum heading into fall. Invite your team to a discovery session to set any last year-end strategies, goals and objectives to encourage full participation and an “all-in” mentality.

How do you celebrate your employees? What do you do to fire up your team for fall?

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